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Monday, April 19, 2010

New approach to buying plane tickets

Ever get frustrated looking for plane tickets????

It seems like you get one part at the day/time you want, nonstop and at a good price... and then compromise on the return flight.   Recently, when searching for fares to Florida, I noticed that they price & assemble round trip tickets as two parts.  I could get a great trip down on Jet Blue, but the return flights were horrible.  On the flip side Airtran had a cheap, nonstop trips available to fly back.  So, I bought two one-way tickets and saved over $150 per ticket (when compared to the best round trip ticket on a single carrier) - plus I got great flights and no compromises!   I just did the same thing again to get my mother north for Easter!

Buy 2 one-way tickets on different airlines!

  • You have to be good at having multiple browser windows open at once so you set up each leg and buy them both within seconds of each other.
Happy Flying,
Practical Jenn

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