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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fast Recipe for Picky Eaters

I am big advocate for family dinners. However, no one in my family likes the same food. Since I am the primary chef it adds to my frustration. Recently I discovered a new, somewhat healthy, quick and cheap meal idea from a Japanese steak house (where they cook at your table). I resented paying extra for the fried rice when I saw how simple it was make. It's funny how the kids won't eat scrambled eggs, but will in fried rice!
  • Eggs (Protein is a challenging food group for diverse taste buds.)
  • Rice
  • Vegetables (Frozen mixed veggies or anything I have in the fridge. I'll fry up onions on the side for the adults.)
  • a little oil for the fry pan
  • Soy sauce
Leftover rice works better than freshly made so now when I make rice to have with dinner I double what I cook so it's available for fried rice.   My tween even makes it for herself! She'll opt out of adding veggies, but compromises with some baby carrots on the side.

So, we now have something other than pasta that everyone will eat when we are short on time. 
...and only one pan to clean!

Have a good day,
Practical Jenn

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  1. The Boston Globe must have read my post. See this week's article and fancier fried rice recipes!