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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Early Riser Tip for Hotel Rooms

Since it's school vacation week, I thought I'd share a tradition I started a few years ago.  Ever have to share a hotel room with a kid who is too young to realize vacation means sleeping in?  The solution is to instruct that early riser to use the bathtub (dry of course) as a fort!  My daughter is too active to snuggle so, we put her favorite toys strategically in the bathtub before we go to sleep.  So, she wakes up and goes in there to play.  (I also leave her a doughnut or bag of fruit loops).  We can hear her happily playing while we continue to lightly doze.  Last year she set up her assortment of littlest pet shop figures and they where auditioning for American Idol!  She was singing away in different voices and had the judges panel lined up on the far edge.  I forget which animal was Simon.

My 2nd grader wanted me to add "Early risers get to have more time to do more stuff!"   She has also packed her special toys for her tub fort. 

If you are traveling, have a safe trip and happy vacation,
Practical Jenn

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