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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

House cleaning - We're all in this together

Yep, I got laid off and the one luxury I had was a house cleaner. Sorry Cida, but you just got laid off too. The good news... I've got two capable daughters ages 7 & 12 and a husband. I tried the following approach and it works really well. Of course I had to hold some training sessions first. (Bathroom 101 was a big hit with the 7-yr-old.)

Frequency: Every other week
Time Commitment: 1 hour - Set the timer and when it rings you are done!
Who gets what job?
Job Cards that we draw out of a hat: Dust, Vacuum, Bathrooms, Odd Jobs (see Foreman - aka Mom), & Music Picker/Draw Again*

* Important element of success is an upbeat tempo. Isabel recommends Kiss108.
* * * * * * * * * *
- Limited gripes & the whole house got clean.
- Kids use WAY TOO MUCH spray stuff ...further training needed
- Assumes the house is picked up.
- When the timer buzzes Mom or Dad might need to finish vacuuming the rug.


  1. I LOVE this idea, and I'll bet every family with age-appropriate offspring will too!

  2. Such a good idea! I love the timer, sets a clear goal and the picking out of a hat avoids the "I *always have to clean the bathroom* drama"

    Check out http://www.cleaning-green.net/ for greener cleaners so the kids don't spray too much.